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Loadshifting Equipment
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Loadshifting Equipment


Competencies from RII 30813 - Certificate III in Civil Construction

Since 1st January 2012, a licence is no longer required to operate most types of loadshifting or earthmoving equipment. However, it remains the responsibility of a "Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking" ("PCBU" - usually an employer) to ensure that a person is competent to operate the equipment before allowing or instructing them to do so.

Although a verification of competency can be signed off by any other competent operator, this verification is really only as legitimate as the person signing it off. It also needs to be understood that the person signing off a verification of competency may be held accountable for this and asked to provide evidence of what they assessed before making that decision. This is why most PCBUs are insisting on a signoff by a person with recognised credibility that can provide evidence of an unbiased assessment. Logisafe can do this and issue a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment for any person they assess who demonstrates competency.

We follow a similar procedure to that required for a licence; this is what is required if you wish to obtain a competency verification through us:

To obtain a verification of competency through us:

  1. If you have not already done so, register with Logisafe on www.logisafe.com.au.

This only needs to be done once; you are allocated a 1-off Registration Number which remains the same for all training &/or assessments done through Logisafe.

Note to previously registered Students:
Due to massive changes in the training sector (including the commencement of a National training register), you may need to provide more information than previously. More details will be provided later, or please give us a call if you prefer to discuss this over the phone.

  1. Make sure you have arranged for a Unique Student Identification ("USI").

Refer to the website www.usi.gov.au. Once again, more details will be provided later, or please give us a call if you prefer to discuss this over the phone.

  1. Select the type of equipment you need from the list below and enrol

  2. We will send an invoice for the theory component of your training. Once this is paid, training arrangements will be made.

  3. Theory training & assessment:

Only one theory assessment needs to be completed for all loadshifting equipment competencies completed within three months of assessment date.

To complete the theory training, either:

a. Attend a 1-day classroom-based training session and machine induction (recommended for new operators), or

b. Study Training Notes and complete the theory exercises in your own time.

If you require assistance, contact us by phone (during office hours) or email (for a response within 24 hours).

Theory assessment is performed either in the classroom or by electronically submitting completed exercise. Electronically submitted assessments will be authenticated by the Assessor when arranging the practical training component.

  1. Practical training & assessment:

You will need to be a competent operator to successfully complete this course. You will be assessed before you start practical training to determine your current level of competency and to determine what practical training and level of supervision is required.

Logisafe liaises with you and your Employer to ensure you receive appropriate practical instruction, training & supervision.

  • If you already are a competent operator and can provide evidence of current or previous use of this type of machine (eg Employer's letter, logbook etc), this can be recognised and full practical training may not be required.
  • If not, nominal hours of supervised operation will need to be completed and recorded in the logbook provided.

Practical assessments are performed on each type of machinery selected.


Applicants MUST BE AGED 18+ YEARS


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Conduct roller operation



Conduct civil construction skid steer loader operations



Conduct backhoe_loader operations



Conduct civil construction excavator operations



Conduct civil construction wheeled front end loader operations



Conduct civil construction dozer operations



Conduct civil construction grader operations



Conduct civil construction scraper operation

IMPORTANT: PLEASE BRING ADEQUATE ID to your practical assessment

 It is essential that we are aware of any barriers to learning PRIOR TO TRAINING / ASSESSMENT such as reading, writing or language difficulties.