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Successful completion of this training and assessment will provide you with the necessary qualification to apply for a licence.
Licences must be applied for at an Australia Post outlet within 60 days of assessment.
They are issued by the State Regulator (Workplace Health & Safety Qld or NSW WorkCover) and are valid for five years.




This course is designed to prepare a person to safely and effectively operate a vehicle loading crane.

It may be conducted at your premises or a Logisafe venue


Usually 3 days class time + nominal 60 logbook hours.

The usual procedure is:

  • 2 days in class including a machine induction
  • Nominal 60 hours of supervised vehicle loading crane activities in the work environment - recorded in the logbook provided by Logisafe
  • 1 day revision and assessment

Classroom time can be reduced with the students completing the workbooks in their own time
using comprehensive, easy to follow training notes


FORMAL TRAINING (including practical training) which covers:

  • Understanding relevant legislative obligations and duty of care responsibilities
  • Plan and prepare to conduct vehicle loading crane activities
  • The identification and control, of work health and safety issues related to vehicle loading crane activities
  • Select and inspect the correct equipment to support the load during lifting 
  • Sling, transfer, land and secure the load in accordance with legislative and industry standards and codes
  • Checking all equipment after use

INFORMAL TRAINING (supervised practical training at your workplace):

  • Prior to completing their performance test, students are required to perform a nominal 60 hours of supervised vehicle loading crane activities in their work environment. This is recorded in the logbook provided by Logisafe.


  • Theory examination consisting of 105 questions
  • Written assignment consisting of 5 tasks
  • Performance test consisting of 7 practical exercises