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Conduct Lifting Operations
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Conduct Lifting Operations - (Other Training)

If you are performing repetitive lifts with known lift points and weights, with sling techniques established, and the load does not go out of the crane operators’ sight, then this course may be a viable alternative to the Doggers course.

A Licensed Dogger is required if there is a decision required about load weight assessment, selection, inspection or application of slings, or the crane operator requires direction in the movement of the load.

Please call the office for more information or if you are unsure which you require.

Course Description:

This course is designed to prepare a person to safely perform the tasks involved in lifting operations:

  • Plan and prepare the work
  • Select the correct equipment to support the load during lifting
  • Move the load


Formal training (including practical training):
(May be conducted at your premises or a Logisafe venue)

Theory & practical training: 2-3 days 

1-2 days in class including a machine induction
1 day revision prior to assessment

This covers:

  • The planning and preparation for the performance of tasks associated with lifting operations
  • The identification and control, of occupational health and safety issues related to lifting operations and associated equipment
  • Understanding relevant legislative obligations and duty of care responsibilities belonging to lifting operations and associated equipment use
  • The inspection and assembly of lifting gear to Australian Standards
  • The conduct of lifting operations in accordance with relevant standards, legislative requirements and industry codes of practice

Informal training (supervised practical training at your workplace):

  • Prior to completing their performance test, students are required to perform a nominal 20 hours of supervised lifting operations activities in their work environment. This is recorded in the logbook provided by Logisafe.

Assessment - 1 day:

  • Theory examination consisting of 42 questions
  • Performance test consisting of 6 practical exercises