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Operate a gantry or overhead crane
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Operate a gantry or overhead crane

Successful completion of this training and assessment will provide you with the necessary qualification to apply for a High Risk Work licence.
Licences must be applied for at an Australia Post outlet within 60 days of assessment.
They are issued by the State Regulator (Workplace Health & Safety Qld or NSW WorkCover) and are valid for five years.


Note: This unit specifies the outcomes required to operate a gantry or overhead crane. It does not cover the types that are controlled from a permanent cabin/control station on the crane and/or, that have more than three powered operations, that is hoist/raise and lower is one operation, for licensing purposes.

Course Description:  This course is designed to prepare a person to safely and effectively plan and prepare for gantry/overhead crane operations, operate gantry/overhead crane and perform gantry/overhead crane operator maintenance


  • Plan and prepare for work
  • Operate crane
  • Shut-down & maintain crane


Training: (May be conducted at your premises or a Logisafe venue)


  • Training: 2 - 3 days (Usually1- 2 days in class including a machine induction, then 20 nominal hours of Employer supervised training at the work environment under Logbook then 1 day revision prior to assessment)




Formal training (including practical training) which covers:

  • The planning and preparation to safely and effectively operate a bridge or gantry crane
  • The identification and control, of work health and safety issues related to bridge or gantry crane operation
  • Understanding relevant legislative obligations and duty of care responsibilities belonging to operators of a bridge or gantry crane
  • The inspection of the bridge or gantry crane prior to performing work
  • The performance of bridge or gantry tasks in accordance with relevant standards, legislative requirements and industry codes of practice

Informal training (supervised practical training at your workplace):

  • Prior to completing their performance test, students are required to perform a nominal 20 hours of supervised bridge or gantry crane activities in their work environment. This is recorded in the logbook provided by Logisafe.

Assessment - 1 day:

Theory Assessment with 50 questions.